Friday, April 15, 2011

The best $25 I have spent this month....

As you may recall, last Fall my family went through a minor cancer scare.  One close relative was diagnosed with melanoma (luckily early and still treatable) - which resulted in me having to get scanned, myself.  In my case, they did three biopsies and two came back as pre-cancerous things that were "on its way to melanoma, just not there yet," as the doctor described it. 

This resulted in quite a few medical bills for me, but really a small price to pay to get those "things" removed before they got worse.

Tuesday I went to the doctor for a new skin scan, as I now have to do every 6 months.  I paid my $25 co-pay, got scanned, and was told there was nothing that needed removed this time and I could come back in another 6 months!  Woo hoo!  

Even though nothing was found this time, I think the $25 was the best money I have spent in awhile.  It is important to take preventative measures to take care of ourselves.  I still have a few spots on the "watch list" and by getting them checked out regularly we can catch anything as it develops before it gets out of control. 


  1. I like your attitude about the copay. I feel the same way about copays. I tried to get my mother in law to see it that copays are like an investment in her future or another mandatory bill but she says it is like fun money and she cant spend it on herself.

    Congrats on a great appointment.

  2. Be sure to get it treated when needed. My Grandma got it twice and it wiped out all of her money even with insurance. Sun block and hats are much cheaper. Try to avoid the sun when you can during peak hours. Sorry get well soon. I am glad they got it off. Fish oil removes it too.