Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Spending Recap

Below is where my money went in March:

Mortgage = $880.79
Car Payment = $350.00
Long Term Saving and Investment (not including my 401K contributions) = $325.00
Gasoline = $232.44
Phones/Cable/Internet = $190.73
Utilities (heat, electric, sewer, water) = $177.98
Car Insurance = $165.00
Business = $99.00
Car Maintenance = $95.35
Medical = $80 (Had a prescription filled and forgot to post it – sorry!)
Hair Cut = $54
Car Registration = $49.87
Groceries = $48.35
Pet Expenses = $47.73
Entertainment = $20
Charity = $16.00
Stamps = $7.92
Misc. = $3.01
TOTAL SPENT = $2,843.17

Reflection: Not one of my better months, but mainly it is just because of the timing of how some expenses fell.  I had some business expenses, car registration, car insurance, and some car maintenance all fall at once.  Plus my hair cut and prescription refill hit at the same time.  So lots of expenses that are not monthly expenses all hit at once.  

April doesn’t look much better with some very expenses scheduled plus I found out I need $200 worth of work done on my car – but I really can’t complain as I really haven’t had to spend much on this car over the years.

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