Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look at all this money I've spent!

Okay, I haven't done a lot of overboard spending.  Most of these items are just way overdue to be reported here.  Tracking my expenses has been rewarding, but it sure is hard work to remember to actually do it!  

Mortgage = $880.79
Car Payment = $350.00
Long Term Saving and Investment (not including my 401K contributions) = $325.00
Gasoline = $61.33 (gas was $3.85/gal) and $66.08 (gs was $3.78/gal)
Cable/Internet - $105.79 (completely ridiculous... and I have the relatively cheap plans, too!)
Trash - $55 (I got a $2 discount this quarter because they forgot to pick up my recycling this week)
Water Bill - $25.98
Sewer Bill - $22
Gas/Heat Bill - $51
Phone - $30.33
Pet Food - $30.33
Vet Bill - $92.11 (One of my dogs steps on something in the yard that went through her food and she was also due for her shots... my other dog goes this Saturday for her shots, too, so expect more vet expenses this month)
Misc. Stuff From Walgreens - $30.69
I bought myself a toy - a tablet so I can use my computer at work like a touch pad on a laptop - I bought it used on eBay for... - $19.04
Postage (to mail my taxes) - $12.03
Business Expenses - $10 and $50
Yard Care Company - $28.78
Spent $37.17 at Walmart - which is broken down to $23.39 for clothes and $13.78 for misc. (batteries and TP)
I spent $6.08 on material, which will be turned into a top when I get around to making it, so I will categorize this expense under "clothing." 
That's a lot of spending and the month isn't over yet.  But, other than the little tablet I bought, I can't say any of the rest was unavailable.  


  1. That is very good except for the cable. It is a want not a need but, it sure is fun and it makes you feel good so no harm done right? It is better than being a druggie or alcoholic which are more expensive plus bad for you. The vet bill is wonderful. Where we live they charge like $500 just for the basics not including the foot wound. You do really well. Good for you. I am still jealous.

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