Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Only 3 days to go until I begin my year-long experiment... check back on Monday!  In the meantime, I thought I would take a page out of The Frugal Girl's book and chronicle my weekly food waste. 

Spending money wisely also means not wasting it... and that includes not wasting food.  So, each week I will document what food is needlessly wasted and report it here.  Feel free to leave me a comment with your own food waste.

Here goes...
• 2 apples (I am having bad luck with apples lately it seems - I picked a bushel last month, made 20 pints of applesauce, made apple crisp, have eating apples as snacks, and yet I still have a few random ones left that have rotted.  Sigh.....)
• approx. 1 cup of deviled egg filling (I made deviled eggs for "food day" at work today and I always seem to end up with more filling than eggs to fill.)
• approx. 2 cups of generic Cheetos, left over from a party on Friday (Actually, I gave these to the dogs for a special snack so does it really count as food waste?)

How did you do?


  1. I just found your blog - interesting! I clicked over from The Frugal Girl :)

    I have to agree that the generic cheetos can't be considered food waste. First, I'm not sure they are considered food (not that we don't have them in our house!) and they were doggy treats - no waste there :) I'm very interested in your experiment. And tickled that I got here before you officially started so won't have to spend weeks reading old posts to catch up. - Kim in MT

  2. Hi Kim... welcome! And thank you for following my blog. I need people like you to watch me and keep me honest in this process. LOL! And I agree, Cheetos are not real food.

  3. I think you are doing okay on the apples. 20 pints of applesauce?! That's really impressive; I think it's okay to have a few go bad here and there.

    I also share your problem with deviled eggs. I like to put the filling on crackers or in a sandwich, sort of like an egg salad without the whites.

  4. 20 pints of applesauce wasn't too hard. Applesauce is pretty easy to make, I think. I have one of those nifty thingies that peels, cores, and slices as you crank it. Lots of fun! :) Thanks for the great tip on how to use up the rest of the deviled egg filling. I will have to remember that for next time.

  5. I am excited about following your journey tracking expenses! I, too, track expenses, and it has been very helpful to see where our money goes. I have watched our expenses climb in two categories over the past few months ~ eating out and grocery store spending. I plan to use November to start my own personal challenge to reduce those and get back on track. I probabaly wouldn't have even realized the increase had I not dilligently tracked expenses. Good luck to you ~ I'll be checking back in with you!