Monday, October 18, 2010

Frugal Find

I love sharing frugal finds.  And I got pretty lucky with my frugal find from yesterday!

I had been thinking about getting a 2nd propane tank for my grill and to have for when I can (I have a glass top stove, which means I have to use my canner on a camp burner).  On Friday I went to a gas station and priced a new tank - and was told it was going to cost $60+ since I didn't have an empty tank to exchange!  I passed!  This was not a 'must have' item and I have lots of better uses for $60. 

Well, yesterday I was walking the dogs in some woods near my house and I found not one but TWO old propane tanks that someone had dumped.  These were tangled in plant growth and had obviously been there for awhile.  I grabbed one and dragged it home, where I then took it to the gas station and exchanged it for a filled one for only $20.  Having a tank to exchange over buying a new one saved me $40+!  Yeah!!!  

I feel good about this because I was able to clean up trash and recycle while still scoring a pretty good deal.  And as the woods I was walking through is owned by my neighborhood, I know that those tanks did not belong there (i.e., someone wasn't storing them there on their own property), so I don't feel like a thief.  Oh, and as for the other tank, I have a friend who would like it so I will be going back and rescuing it - and cleaning up litter in the process!  I'd call that a win-win for everyone.

Remember, only 14 days left until I begin my experiment!  It all begins November 1st!  


  1. I love it when to can turn trash into a treasure.
    That was a great find, and you saved a ton of money, too!

  2. Hi Tightwad Mom! The timing of this find was absolutely perfect for me. I just get lucky sometimes. Some people would not have wanted to have to drag a propane tank all the way home (with two dogs) but the effort was certainly worth it to me! Thanks for reading!