Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sigh... the furnace has been turned on.

I finally had to turn on my furnace last night.  Sigh.  :(  I guess this is the end of summer and the end of the super-low gas bills for awhile.  

Here is what I am doing this year to try to keep my gas bills down:
1.) I have a programmable thermostat and I use it!  I keep the house much colder at night and while I am at work.
2.) I have closed all the upstairs vents (except for the ones in my Master Bedroom and bathroom)... my thought it that heat rises naturally so if I heat the downstairs it will rise up, anyway.  Has anyone had any luck with this approach?
3.) I am thinking about setting my ceiling fans to 'reverse' as I hear it helps push the heat down to the areas of the room where you are sitting.  Has anyone down this... does it work?

Remember to check back on November 1st!


  1. Too bad...I'm going to try not to turn it on until company comes for Thanksgiving...we'll see. It's been pretty cold a few nights already, I've pulled out my "tv watching" blanket and worn socks for the first time in awhile.

  2. No fair. You live in SC, don't you? It stays warmer there! :)