Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Spending Recap

Below is where my money went in February:

Mortgage = $880.79

Car Payment = $350.00

Long Term Saving and Investment (not including my 401K contributions) = $325.00

Medical Expenses (appointments, medicines, etc.) = $226.26

Phones/Cable/Internet = $180.65

Utilities (heat, electric, sewer, water) = $177.98

Gasoline = $140.86

Groceries = $35.48

Pet Expenses = $28.82

Gifts = $18.69

Business = $10.00

Charity = $9.50

Car Maintenance = $2.75

Misc. = $1.48

TOTAL SPENT = $2,388.26

Reflection: I am happy with this month's report. I am under $2500 and still managed to pay off the medical bills from last year. The only downside is there is really nothing 'fun' on the list. Eventually, counting my pennies will give me burnout. Can March be another month under $2500? Stay tuned to find out!


  1. We on the other hand have way too much fun :( check out my latest blog post to see..


  2. My bills are horrible. I am going to do the best I can. I know gas went up a great deal. I would rather pay more than have them use children and people as slaves by not giving them enough money for food, clothes and ect.. They then become terrorists if basic human rights are violated. We don't need another 911. You do very well.

  3. It looks good to me, seems as if you have your priorities right.
    Plus under the magic $2,500, March will be easy although shorter, try and have some fun I agree about burnout.

  4. I actually meant to say March will be longer, looks as if dementia may be creeping in. LOL