Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grocery Spending - Can I stay within budget?

Let's review where I stand in my $50 challenge.  If you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats:  I carried $29.83 cash over from January and February into March and added it to the $50 that is budgeted.  That means, I have $79.83 to spend in March. 

I went to Aldi recently and did some shopping.  I bought:
* dozen eggs
* head of lettuce
* pound of Roma tomatoes
* Box of 12 lasagna rolls
*1 bottle light Ranch dressing
* 1 box Saltine crackers
* pound of butter
* bottle of apple juice
* 6 Tilapia fillets
* 2 pounds bananas
* 2 pounds broccoli
* 3 kiwi fruits
* pound of baby carrots
* 1 tin of sardines
* 1 box Macaroni and Cheese
* 1 package flour tortillas

How much did I spend?  $25,85.  Did I mention how much I love Aldi?

So that means I have $53.98 left to spend this month.  

Don't forget to check out The Single Saver for money-saving tips!

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  1. Okay, now you are just bragging. I'm just kidding, you are doing a great job. Aldi is pretty amazing.

  2. your killing me with those Aldi prices lol! I just made my grocery list (for Costco and Meijer), and big difference in prices!
    I'm glad we're transitioning to a whole foods/organic diet, but it's a bit painful paying organic prices! Now, if Aldi would just start carrying organic, my world would be perfect :)

  3. I so wish I had an Aldi in my city! I am jealous of their fabulous prices. You did a great job shopping.

  4. Your Aldi carries a lot of stock I have never even heard of, although they boast about keeping all prices the same across the different states in Oz. They obviously dont carry it from country to country, which is a shame. I would love the benefit of your terrific prices.

  5. aldi is pretty awesome - one of my weekly stops as well!

  6. Good job. We don't have one boo hoo.

  7. Wow! Impressive! We used to have an Aldis here YEARS ago... I think there's none here (Canada) anymore... :(

  8. Aldi is great. It's even better to be under budget. I always forget to go there after making two grocery shop runs with coupons. Come share your savings at Bluegrass Savers Weekly Savings Page.