Monday, January 3, 2011

Challenge #2

Early I posted my 'January Challenge #1.'  Now it is time for my second January Challenge to myself.  Actually, this isn't even so much a "January Challenge" as it will run for several months.

What is it, you ask?

I am challenging myself to spend only $50 a month on food for January, February, and March.  This includes home cooking and eating out.  (Many around the web are participating in similar types of challenges under the name of 'Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge').  My main goal here is to save money!

Here are my rules:
1.) I have put $50 cash in three envelopes (one for each month).
2.) Any surplus from a prior month can be carried over to the next month.
3.) Any restaurant gift cards received/will receive will not count against the totals - after all, they were/are gifts!
4.) Receiving free food from friends or family is okay.  
5.) Obviously, eating from your personal stockpiles is acceptable practice here. 

The goal is to NOT run out of money and still eat regular, balanced meals.  

Will you be participating in a similar challenge?  I realize $50 a month is not a realistic budget for all families, but is there is amount that works well for you? 

(P.S.  I have linked to the Grocery Cart Challenge... even though this is not an official shopping trip post, it is related and I want the moral support.  LOL!)


  1. I've just about gotten our grocery budget to about $125 twice a month for 6 of us. I'm trying to build my pantry up and do freezer cooking so that I can further reduce that amount each month! Good luck on your challenge!

  2. I'm impressed with the low budget! We tend to falter in that it's very convenient for my husband to just pick a few things up at the store on his way home...

  3. Good luck. Groceries are expensive.

  4. Good luck to you in this. May you find many coupons.

  5. How many are in your family? We're a family of five and our grocery budget is $280 per month so that breaks down to $56 per person, per month.

  6. $50 DOLLARS??! are you kidding me? what do you plan on eating? ramen noodles and spam?? food is very expensive, instead make a budget and make sure you get the right nutrients...


  7. HAHA, HS... don't worry. I eat very healthy. Lots of veggies and the like. I do eat a lot of pasta but not Ramen and I have never had Spam. I don't eat a lot of meat as a rule, but will usually have some type of protein with my meals. I love seafood so I eat that quite often.

    By the way, I shop at Aldi and that has cut my grocery budget down nearly in half. And I have a nice stockpile plus things I canned in the Fall (Spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, tomatoes, etc.) so that heps with the budget, too.

  8. Great way to put your personal spin on the Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge! Good luck!

    -- Laura from Frugal Follies

  9. Wow! That's a challenge indeed. I'm interested to follow your progress. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two.

    Good luck!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  10. I think this will be interesting! Though I totally think you can do it - it isn't like you are starting with no food at all in the house!

  11. Good Luck! I will be following your progress in this challenge!!

  12. Wow, wow, WOW! I'm going to check out Rite Aid! THANK YOU!

  13. It is very possible to do a $50 challenge for a month for one person. It isn't always easy, but with coupons, etc. it is very possible. We are doing a $50 challenge each week for our family of 4 people.