Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

...and that means higher heating bills.  My gas bill for last month was $118.81.  I expect another couple months of these high gas bills but I am doing everything I can to keep the bills as low as possible.


And while I am at my computer, I have a couple other expenses I need to report:

I spent $10.15 on some more gasoline yesterday.  Gas was down to $3.09 a gallon.  Why am I making so many small gas purchases lately?  I am making small purchases with my new Huntington debit card in order to get enough transactions to get the free $100 for opening the new checking account with them.  :)

Also, a friend was staying with me over New Years.  We went bowling last night and each bought some games.  I paid $11.75


  1. I always have unexpected expenses. Does anyone know the best deal on glasses and an eye exam for a child? Thanks and have a nice week.

  2. I went over my "budget" for Hydro this month too.. $20 over, but can't really be helped. Hoping it's lower next month!!

  3. That's neat. We don't have Huntington least I have never heard of it, but man, I'd love an extra $100 for using my debit card ;)

    I'm blogging about spending Zero out of pocket dollars this coming Christmas (2011) so swing by and check it out. I'm sure a Zero Dollar Christmas could easily fit into your budget too LOL

  4. (To Anonymous) I posted your question and have already received a few answers... see here:

    Jacqueline, I will go check out your blog now!