Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first grocery shopping trip of my $50 a month grocery challenge!

Guess where I went?  Yep... Aldi!  Where else would I go for the bulk of my shopping when I have a tight budget to adhere to, right?  As many of you are aware, I have challenged myself to spending no more than $50 for food per month for the next three months.  

Here is what I bought today:
• 5 lbs potatoes
• 1.85 lbs bananas
• 2 lbs pears
• 1 lb broccoli
• 1 lb Roma tomatoes
• 1 head lettuce
• 1 lb bacon
• 8 oz. mozzarella cheese
• 1 can green beans
• 1 can cream of celery soup
• 1 can tomato paste
• 1 package flour tortillas
• 1 jar Italian seasoning

I spent $16.39.  That leaves $33.61 yet to spend for the month. 


  1. Ooo, this is exciting. I wish I could only spend $50 a month on food. I am rooting for you.

  2. I'm like Niki, excited to see how you do on this challenge!

  3. Will you be posting a menu plan? I'd like to see what you're going to be making with these groceries:)

  4. Hi sara, I am afraid I am not organized enough to do a true menu plan (at least not the way a lot of bloggers do it ahead of time). But what I will do is list what I have ate for the prior week. I'll try to mark what is from groceries I have bought during the "challenge" and what is from my stockpile.

  5. That's a lot of food for just $16.39! Makes me wish we had Aldi's around here.

    I can't wait to see how you do. I would be mightily impressed spending only $100 for the month, but just $50? Wow!

  6. Aldi is awesome! Great start to your challenge, i'll be checking back to see how it goes. Awesome job! Please come link up at the<a href="> weekly savings page on Bluegrass Savers</a>

  7. We do have ALDI, but the deals aren't nearly as good! Produce, in particular, is expensive except for the items on sale that week. Dairy and eggs are the best deals for me.

    Thanks for coming by and linking up!
    -- Laura from Frugal Follies