Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hmmmmm....... (also, Rite Aid paid me again)

I just saw where my internet/cable bill was deducted from my checking account.  It was $95.36.  So why the "hmm....."?  Back in December I got a postcard from AT&T saying services were going to be going up in January... $5 for each.  Plus I know my special $5 a month discount will be expiring soon (hopefully I can get that renewed).  So, I was fully expecting a $10-$15 jump in my bill.

There are a few possibilities for why this didn't happen:
a.) AT&T realized they were pissing off too many people and changed their mind (6% likely... they like their money)
b.) I somehow misread the statement (44% likely)
c.) The change will hit my next bill in February (50% likely)

Your thoughts?

Stay tuned!


In more exciting money spending news, my love affair with with Rite Aid just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Last night I stopped on my way home from work and spent $5.29 on lipstick.  This put me over the $100 I needed to spend on specialty items (which is why I bought that particular brand) and so Rite Aid gave me my $20 UPS Reward.  Since most of the items that counted towards the $100 were food items, I will be adding that $20 to my grocery budget.  

So if you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats: I started the month with $50 cash.  I now have $65.15 left to spend ($25.15 in cash and $40 in Rite Aid UPS Rewards). What I don't spend in January I will carry over into February.  Sometime at the end of the month I will write up a post with everything I have bought this month and the breakdown of how I am actually coming out ahead! 


  1. Unbelievable, I,m so jealous of coupons and rewards, wish we had then here.

  2. I love Rite Aid too. At&T is pretty good. You can ask about these bundles. I get unlimited long distance, basic phone service and the net for about $78 a month. You could reduce your bill.I need to add the cable for $20 bucks more like you did. The bundles are worth it. Way to go. I can't find a better deal really. Anyone else?