Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Shopping

I went to Rite Aid this morning and spent $2.91 on two packages of Stayfree liners and a fleece blanket.  This is how I did it.  I bought the liners, which were on sale for $2.50 each plus $2.00 UPS rewards when you bought two.  Then I used a BOGO coupon and ended up paying $2.80 for both packages and receiving $2.00 in UPS rewards.  I then used the UPS rewards to buy the fleece blanket and had to pay an additional $0.11 out of pocket.  I needed to buy fleece for some presents I am making my friends for their birthdays this year and the blanket was much cheaper than buying a yard or two of fleece at the fabric store!  For my budgeting tracking purposes, I will break this down to $2.80 spent on personal items and $0.11 spent on gifts.  

This was not my only experience with Rite Aid today.  Stay tuned... I have a very exciting post I will be releasing later tonight!

Also, I spent $50.89 on gas (and a car wash today.  Since gas is $0.30 less a gallon when you buy a car wash, the car wash only ended up costing me an additional $2.25 or so.  Gas is $3.12 a gallon here (before discounts) right now. 

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