Monday, January 10, 2011

Bills, bills, bills... and more cereal!

Today I paid several bills.  $24.00 to renew my two dogs' licenses.  $100.00 towards a medical bill.  $4.00 to my dentist (Actually, I paid them $108.00, but my insurance reimbursed me for $104.00 of it).  And $57.00 for my trash/recycling for the quarter.  

I also spent $0.30 today and got four more boxes of Special K at Rite Aid as I was able to print two more coupons.  I had to go to two stores because the first store only had two boxes left.  The first store charged me the overage but the second one didn't.  So, all in all I paid $0.30, got four boxes of cereal, and $4.00 more in UPS Rewards!  Rite Aid paid me $3.70 to buy from them! (FYI - I am donating over half of the cereal I am receiving.)

If you are keeping track of my $50.00 a month grocery challenge, I have now spent $17.89 and I have $54.11 left to spend ($32.11 cash plus $22.00 UPS Rewards that must be spent at Rite Aid).  Yes, that's right... the total has actually increased for the month thanks to the UPS Rewards! 


  1. Could you include some of the links you used to get over 9 Special K coupons? I was able to print 2, but would LOVE to get some more!

  2. Hi Cassie! I am afraid I don't have a good solution for you. The coupon will print two per computer - I used my one computer at work and my two at home. And then I got to do it all again when Special K resent the coupon! Basically, I just got very lucky.

    If you don't have multiple computers, the next best thing is to ask friends or family to print them for you. Good luck!!

  3. I was wondering if that was the case. Special K must have also run out of prints for the reset. I just tried all of the links I had for the coupon, and none of them worked. :( I did get 4 boxes last night, though, SUCH a good deal!