Monday, January 31, 2011

$50 GROCERY CHALLENGE UPDATE: I spent $34.69 in January on food!

If you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats for January: I started the month with $50 cash.  I spent $34.69 cash out of pocket.  I now have $38.31 left ($15.31 in cash and $23 in Rite Aid UPS Rewards).I'm very satisfied with the results.

What I didn't spend in January I will carry over into February, which will give me a nice reserve. I am thankful for this reserve because I already know of at least two times in the next two months when I need to go out to dinner, and that will certainly impact my budget. 

I believe I bought a good assortment of food, a lot of it was even healthy.  I got lucky this month with some great Rite Aid deals, too (like the 30 boxes of nearly free cereal).  Below is all the food I bought this month.  I am including restaurant food that I paid for, either directly or with a coupon; I am not including restaurant meals that others bought me.  

• whole rotisserie chicken
• 1 lb bacon
• 2 tins of sardines
• 1 pound of hamburger meat
• 1 dozen eggs
• 5 lbs potatoes
• 1.85 lbs bananas
• 2 lbs pears
• 1 lb broccoli
• 2 lbs Roma tomatoes
• 2 heads lettuce
• 1 can green beans
• 1 can tomato paste
• 1 can of sliced mushrooms
• 1 32 oz. jug of apple juice
• 2 gallons of skim milk
• 8 oz. mozzarella cheese
• 1 container of sour cream
• 1 big jar of Mayo
• 1 can cream of celery soup
• 2 cans of tomato soup
• 30 boxes of Special K cereal (I kept 12, and donated 18)
• 2 bags of pretzels 
• 1 can of almonds
• 1 package flour tortillas
• 1 jar Italian seasoning
1 Hormel meal
• 1 box of mac and cheese
• 1 jar of Ketchup
• 5 Cadbury Cream Eggs (I love these things!)
• 1 container of Edy's chocolate PB chunk ice cream  
• spicy chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A (free with coupon)
• Jamocha shake from Arby's (free with coupon)
• Coldstone Creamery ice cream (free with coupon)

How much did you spend on food this month?  Do you want to join me in February for another $50 (per person) grocery challenge?


  1. Looks good! We recently adjusted our grocery budget up, so I now have $340 a month to work with, for a family of five :) I just got a Costco membership, so that's really going to help!

  2. I am totally impressed with everything you bought this month on your limited budget. I so wish I only spent $50.00 a month on groceries.

  3. Count me as impressed as well - less than $50 AND you donated food! And I also envy your Cadbury Creme Eggs. They are my favorite Easter candy, but haven't had one in a couple of years.

  4. I spent under $200 for a family of 6 budget shopping.

  5. We did a $50 grocery budget too. We made it with $2.98 to spare. It was a fun challenge and I used up a lot of stuff in the freezer that might have gone to waste otherwise.

  6. Great shopping trip. My goal has been to cut back on my weekly grocery trip. trying for $20.00 less spent. Have not made the $20.00 but have spent about $13.00 less a week this goes into the savings account.

  7. That's impressive, to spend so little on food in a month. We won't need to discuss my expenditures, only to say that they're quite a bit higher:) Nevertheless, I had a few good moves this past month.

  8. I would like to know how you only spend $39 a month for groceries. I have a family of 7; my husband and I and 5 boys between the ages of 20 and 12. We are trying to live on a budge of $300-$350 a month. I thought that was good for our large family.

    Can you give me any suggestions on how to slim my budget even more? I have 2 kids that don't like cheese so that makes it a little harder at times to make cheaper meals. Email -

  9. I am doing a $50 grocery challenge for my family of 4. Come on over and link up at if you are interested.

  10. There are 2 full-time members in my house plus 2 dogs. The kids come only on weekends (Friday after school thru Sunday night). I knew we were overspending when we spent over $90 when they came over. Kids don't eat a lot, they just want to eat what they like.. I'm not sure if I can do this $50/per person a month thing if they are not always here. It would be $200 a month if they were here full time...and right now we are at $340. It used to be $1,000... b/c we were buying name brand stuff... but now we quit. We are still working to reduce our expenses considering we also pay child support and mortgage and bills. Would you say $200/mo would be ideal or no?