Saturday, January 8, 2011

I spent $1.30, and also got a free breakfast!

I spent $1.30 today.  What did I get?  I went to ACE and bought five GE Energy Smart CFL light bulbs.  They had them on sale for 5 for $5 and I was able to print four $1/1 coupons from two computers.  So, I got all five light bulbs for only $1.30 (the cost of one bulb plus tax).  These are expensive so I am pleased with this great deal.

I also stopped at Chick-Fil-A and got a FREE spicy chicken biscuit for breakfast.  I signed up for this special promotion back in December and today was my assigned day to go try this out.  It was very good, but also very spicy!  They gave me extra jelly so I used that to make a PB&J sandwich for lunch today.

Speaking of food, I am planning to post a list of what I have been eating this week later on tonight. So if you are following my progress in my $50 a month grocery challenge, stay tuned! 

I went through my freezer tonight and organized everything.  Wow... I sure do have a lot of things in there.  If I can't eat on $50 a month for the next three months with all that food (not to mention the things I have in my pantry)  there is something seriously wrong with me!

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