Tuesday, January 4, 2011

$50 a Month Grocery Budget - Update

HS @ Our Debt Blog left me a comment on my post where I announced that I would have a $50 a month grocery budget for the next three months.  To summarize, I think HS thinks I might be a tad crazy... or unhealthy... or both!  :) 

While many of us know that it isn't that hard to have a $50 grocery budget for a person - especially with a decent stockpile, a few coupons, a local Aldi store, and a lot of dedication to the cause - others may think my goal seems impossible. That is completely understandable.  And depending on a person's dietary needs, it may well be.  But in my situation there is no reason why I can't be successful.

Therefore, I have decided I will list what I have been eating every week (or so!).  I hope to show others that a.) I am eating fairly healthy foods, and b.) that it is possible to eat well without spending a lot of money. 


  1. I can't wait to see it, I am also single and just feeding myself... I'm looking forward to your posts so I can get some ideas

  2. Yes you are crazy. Be sure not to starve yourself if you do you will become crazy. It is the cause of most mental disorders. Take care.

  3. WOW! Can't wait to see it!!!! I thought I was doing good with my $40 - 50 per week! (family of 3)

  4. So glad I found you - I'm ALL about the budget and saving....groceries are a great place! Can't wait to read more - come visit me if you want too -


  5. Haha, Anonymous... no worries about me starving myself. I like food too much!

    jpkittie, you ARE doing great! I bet your budget, per person, is no different from mine!

    Jessica, thanks for visiting. I will be checking out your blog. I love anything that involves the sea!

    Jessie R, hi! I hope I can give you some good ideas. Being single (or a small family) and still frugal is not always easy since bulk is not always an option. But it certainly is doable.

  6. I think you would do great!! If you have a nice stockpile already, it is possible if you just buy absolute necessities. Good luck!

  7. Have you seen the guy who ate on $1 a day using coupons? http://www.grocerycouponguide.com/ You can definitely do this!

  8. Yes, I have seen him. He is my hero! :)

    I actually thought about doing something similar, but thought it was silly to ignore my existing food/stockpile (and potentially let things go bad) just for the sake of trying a challenge. In Jeffery's situation, such a challenge was completely doable and even made sense since he had no place to store a stockpile.

    If he can eat on $30 a month with NO stockpile, I can eat on $50 with a stockpile. And I promise I intend to eat well, too.

  9. Will be interesting to see your posts. Our budget is 60 a week for 2 so $240 a month. Stock piling can help but our place is so tiny no place to stock pile really.
    One person can probably eat cheaper than two when one of them is my hubby.