Saturday, January 8, 2011

What have I been eating this week?

While I am taking part in my $50 a month spent on food grocery challenge, I will be documenting what I eat each week.  Some people have expressed concerns that I can't possible eat enough on just $50 a month.  I hope this type of documentation puts their fears to rest. 

This week, most of my food is coming from food that I already had in the house.  Next week you will start to see more items from my recent shopping trips making their way into my meals.  Assume that i drank water with my meals unless I specify otherwise.

January 1
Breakfast - leftover snacks from my New Year's Eve party (carrots, chocolate, and other goodies)
Lunch and Dinner - Chinese Buffet and hot tea - a friend took me out to eat!; also, I had part of a free Jr. Jamocha Shake from Arby's (I had coupons)

January 2
Breakfast - eggs, pancakes, toast, fried tomatoes
Lunch - ham and bean soup (I made a big batch of this the week before so my freezer is full of it)
Dinner - leftovers from Christmas that needed finished up, milk

January 3
Breakfast - banana with peanut butter
Lunch  - ham and bean soup
Dinner - mushroom flavored pasta with shrimp, mushrooms, and garlic; salad; milk

January 4
Breakfast - banana with peanut butter
Lunch - leftover mushroom/shrimp pasta from the night before; salad
Dinner -turkey quesadilla with turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes; milk

January 5
Breakfast - banana with peanut butter
Lunch - ham and bean soup; orange
Dinner - mac and cheese; salad; milk; leftover Jamocha Shake

January 6
Breakfast - banana with peanut butter
Lunch - leftover mac and cheese; salad
Dinner - egg white omelet with leftover shrimp and mushrooms mixed in; toast with guava jelly, fruit juice

January 7
Breakfast - toast with peanut butter; half a tomato (needed to use this or it was going to go bad)
Lunch - chipotle turkey wrap with lettuce and tomatoes; orange 
Dinner - loaded baked potatoe with bacon bits, cheese, broccoli, and sour cream; milk

January 8
Breakfast - free spicy chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A
Lunch - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (using leftover jelly from the breakfast biscuit); half a Pepsi
Dinner - catfish; broccoli; potato; "Pepsi float" made with ice cream and the rest of my Pepsi from lunch


  1. looks like you are doing pretty good

  2. Looks like you are eating very well.

  3. You do really good at using leftovers-that's an area that I still need to improve on!

  4. Looks like nothing is going to waste....great job!