Saturday, January 29, 2011

Been a busy week....

It has been a busy week, and my blogging has taken a back seat.  That of course means that I now have several expenses to try to make sense of of report here.  Once of these days I will learn that it is easier to just do things as they come up, rather than to put things off! 

Anyway, here is where my money has disappeared to in the last week....

$2.61 spent at Rite Aid, where I got a great deal on Christmas cards and got 5 packs at 90% off.\

$54.52 went to Verizon for my cell phone bill.

$3.15 was spent at Walmart on cat litter.

$12.00 was spent on gas, which is currently $3.15 a gallon.  (I need to go out tomorrow and fill up the tank.)

$79.00 went to pay my electric bill (which is not on budget billing).

Lots of money spent on very boring things.  


  1. Boring but necessary.
    Petrol is getting so expensive just now, on my way home from work yesterday I saw it at $1.40.99 cents a litre, I nearly passed out, I had bought it just that morning for $1.31.99 cents

  2. Good job. I am working to cut my expenses too.