Monday, January 31, 2011

Monthly Spending Recap - January

Below is where my money went this month:

Mortgage = $880.79
Car Payment = $350.00
Long Term Saving and Investment (not including my 401K contributions) = $325.00
Utilities (heat, electric, sewer, water) = $245.79
Gasoline = $205.82 
Phones/Cable/Internet = $178.56

Medical Expenses (appointments, medicines, etc.) = $162.73
Pet Expenses = $67.78
Trash/Recycling = $57.00
AAA Dues (2011) = $54.00 
Groceries = $34.69
Misc. = $18.82 
Entertainment = $11.75 
Gifts = $2.72
TOTAL SPENT = $2,595.45
Reflection:  I have mixed feelings about this month's spending report.  On one hand, there is really nothing that could be considered a splurge or unnecessary purchase.  But on the other hand, it is a lot of money considering that nothing was a splurge or unnecessary purchase!  On the bright side, next month my utilities will be lower (due to my going on budget billing).  Also, next month the pet and the gasoline categories should be lower.  And the AAA category will be gone (but likely replaced by my yearly yard fertilizer bill).  Also, I am happy to say I will be paying off the last of my medical bills in March... and I am just hoping I don't incur any new expenses at my April appointment! 


  1. Wow You did very well. I am paying a whole lot more because, I live in California it is so unfair. I bet you can get the free gift cards for transferring your prescriptions. That is good.

  2. awesome to get that paid off... I hope you don't need to acrue more either!!! you are doing a great job.

  3. You did a great job!

    I so get your having mixed feelings. I feel the same way whenever I look at our monthly spending. It's a lot of money gone with no splurges and nothing extra factored in (usually). Too much income still goes to debt repayment, but we're working on getting rid of that!