Monday, January 24, 2011

Recent Grocery Spending - Update on my $50 a Month Challenge

I haven't been doing much blogging lately.  Sorry about that!  I have been spending too much time reading other people's blogs and just haven't felt motivated to maintain my own.  Do any of you bloggers out there go through those slumps?  How do you get past them? 

Anyway, I did a little grocery shopping over the weekend.  My first stop was to Aldi.  I spent $9.62 and bought:

• head of lettuce
• 1 pound of tomatoes 
• 2 cans of tomato soup
• big jar of Mayo
• 1 can of sliced mushrooms
• 1 pound of hamburger meat
• 1 box of mac and cheese

I also spend $0.18 out of pocket at Rite Aid (my total was $8.17 and I used $8 in UPS Rewards... oh, and they gave me a new UPS Reward back at the end!!).  I bought:

• 1 jar of Ketchup
• 1 dozen eggs
• 1 container of sour cream
• 3 Cadbury Eggs

So if you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats: I started the month with $50 cash.  I now have $48.36 left to spend ($15.36 in cash and $33 in Rite Aid UPS Rewards). What I don't spend in January I will carry over into February.  Sometime at the end of the month I will write up a post with everything I have bought this month!

I am taking part in the clean out your pantry challenge and so if I do any more shopping this month it will simply be to use some of the UPS Rewards before they expire ($13 expire on 2/5, the rest on 2/21).  This is also linked on the Grocery Cart Challenge



  1. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping those costs, I so envy you the opportunity to use coupons and get rewards.
    But without them I am going to have to find ways of reducing my expenses in February for the spend less February challenge.
    Loving your $50 challenge

  2. Sounds Great! I am bloging about my grocery budget too!

  3. Looks good! I just did a new way of shopping-I got a Costco membership :) I'll be blogging about my massive trip tomorrow, but wow was that overwhelming lol!