Monday, January 3, 2011

January Challenge #1

I am fascinated by websites like the 100 Item Challenge or the 100 Thing Challenge where people challenge themselves to live with just 100 items in their lives.  However, there is no way I could do this, myself. 

Being a frugal person, I believe there is something to be said for having some seldom-used items on hand in case you need them for something later on.  Also, I have some items that are not necessarily useful to me but they are sentimental and I have no desire to get rid of them.  As for me, I like to think that as long as I have a proper place to put everything away (no, junk rooms don't count... hehe) and my things makes me feel good - and not bad or anxious - then it is okay.  The amount of "stuff" we all need in our lives should be relative to our own personal situations.  Clutter, of course, is never beneficial to our well-beings.

That said, I am setting two challenges to myself this month... here is the first: declutter 100 items by the end of the month. 

Will you join me?  Let me know!

Here are the rules... the items decluttered must be useful to others (in other words, sell or donate them) in order to count towards the 100 total.  Trash/junk shouldn't be saved in the first place so I will not be counting it in my totals.  At the end of the month I will list my items and give you an opportunity to link to yours.

P.S.  Look for goal #2 later today. 


  1. Great goal. 100 items is reasonable. Do you have one area you are going to tackle or just declutter throughout the house?

  2. I am moving through the whole house. No one area of my house is cluttered enough but, as a whole, I am sure I can find 100 items throughout the house without too much difficulty!

  3. I am de junking. I used to go pick up free stuff because, it is free but, I am finding that just adds to my junk. I don't need more unwanted junk.