Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Phone bill... it's lower!

My home phone bill was $28.68 this month.  As you may recall, I took some steps last month to reduce my phone bill slightly.  I am very happy for this slight savings, especially considering I got word that AT&T will be raising U-Verse and internet rates (grrrr.....).  

I know that from a financial perspective keeping the home phone is silly and a waste of money.  I just can't bring myself to give it up, though.  It is too convenient. 


  1. We gave up our home phone and went to cell phones only about 2004.
    Saves us that money but two cell phones are necessary for us but can cost more than 1 home phone.
    With the cell phone we feel no need for the home phone

  2. That is great. Mine is $80 a month with the net and unlimited long distance at&t. Good luck.