Friday, January 7, 2011

I bit the bullet.... (budget billing)

For years I have resisted the advice of others to go on budget billing for my gas and electric.  Why?  I liked the control the actual billing gave me.  It allowed me to see if the changes I was making were positively or negatively impacting my heat/energy usage.  Also, I felt it helped me better monitor the bills to be sure that I was being charged accurately for my usage.  

That all changed today.  I finally signed up for budget billing for both my gas and my electric.  Why the sudden change, you ask?  Well, simply put, I decided I have come to a point in my life where I would like the convenience of knowing exactly what my bills will be each month.  Knowing this will help me better plan for my long term saving goals. 

So, starting next month I will be spending $51 for gas and $79 for electricity every month.  I have been told this is low (2100 square foot house in Ohio) but I still will be doing my best to get these numbers down for 2012! 

Do you budget bill?  If so, are you happy with your numbers? 


  1. I also live in Ohio. I went on gas budget last year. My budget was $119 a month. At the end of the enrollment year I had a LARGE credit so my budget was lowered to $25 this year. My house is 900 sq ft. I still have a $664 credit towards my bill. I do not have the option to budget our electric bill. I am keeping my thermostat lower this year to see if I can continue to have a credit and hopefully lower the budget even more next year.

  2. I am cutting back by doing things by hand and only using what I really have to.

  3. We switched to budget billing for gas as our house is heated with gas( I too live in Ohio). the year we had a gas bill over $500 for a month, we switched to budget billing that month.

    Currently our gas bill is $28.35 as we had a credit of $1300 built up fro the summer where we were paying $261/month for awhile.

  4. I have budget billing on my electric bill for a few years now. It works great for me knowing the bill will be about the same every month. Between summer and winter I could have a variation of $500. It's not a shock to open my electric bill anymore. Only paying it.