Friday, December 10, 2010

How To Make $100 This Weekend

If you open up a new checking account at Huntington National Bank today through Monday, they will give you $100!  To get your $100, make a $25 deposit and set up an automatic direct deposit into your checking account OR simply make 5 Debit Card purchases in 60 days. 

I will be setting up my account today.  I can easily make five debit card purchases (gas, groceries, etc.) within the next two months.

What would you do with $100?  Mine is going to form a new account dedicated to being able to pay off my car loan six months early (March 2012 instead of September 2012).  My car loan is through Huntington, so it is ironic that I will be using their "free" money to sever my ties with them.  :)  By the way, I paid my December car loan ($345) to them yesterday.

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