Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is why I LOVE Aldi....

Have a mentioned before how much I love Aldi?  I made a stop there tonight after my doctor's visit.  I spent $25 on a co-pay there - had the stitches removed from the 2nd biopsy and had a 3rd biopsy taken.  At least that is the last biopsy for awhile, at least until April when I go back for a re-check.

But back to Aldi.... I just love that store.  I can get a lot of good food there for not a lot of money.  Chase in point, tonight I spent $20.31 for all of this (not including the cat):
It breaks down to:
• package of 7 Roma tomatoes
• bag of 10 naval oranges
• bananas
• two fresh broccoli crowns
• lettuce
• box of mac and cheese
• one lb ground beef
• package of 10 flour tortillas
• frozen juice (apple/white grape/raspberry)
• one gallon skim milk
• one container sour cream
• sharp cheddar cheese
• one can sweet peas
• 32 oz. box of spaghetti
• two boxes instant chocolate pudding
• one box candy canes

What I really like was all the fresh produce I was able to get for $20.  If I had more time I would take my receipt to a regular grocery store and see what this all would have cost me there.  


  1. The cat thinks he has to be the center of attention all the time. When he saw me diverting attention to the table he had to get in on the action. He is a very inquisitive little guy! :)