Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walgreens - How to get the most of your photo printing!

I spent $7.24 at Walgreens.  This entire purchase was Christmas related, so I will classify it as being part of the 'gift' category.

I got pictures developed to put in my Christmas cards.  You can see the picture to your left.  :)  And since I am sure someone will ask, my dogs are rescued retired greyhounds.  They make great pets!  I was able to get the pictures pretty frugally.  First of all, I took the picture into Photoshop and made a 4 x 6 inch file that actually contained both pictures side by side (see below). Now I just have to cut them down the middle.
Also, Walgreens has a photo deal going on where you can get 25 pictures for free when you buy 25 (Code: FAVORITE25).  So, while I actually paid for 25 pictures, I got 100! 

I also bought four Milky Way Midnight bars.  They were on sale and I had two coupons that saved me another dollar.  They are going to be added as 'filler items' in a few Christmas packages.   

Is your Christmas shopping done?

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