Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heat, Mortgage, and Long-Term Savings/Investments

My natural gas/heating bill was $43.78.  I think this lower amount is partly due to the warmer than usual November we had.  Sadly, it doesn't look like December is going to have the same trend... we got our first real snowfall yesterday!
Also, I have the following three reoccurring payments:
Mortgage Payment = $880.79
When I built my house I put 30% down and got a really low interest rate, so I feel pretty comfortable with my monthly payments.  My payment includes my property taxes, but not insurance as I pay that separately through my insurance company.  I do try to pay a little extra towards my payments when I can.

Money Market Contribution = $125
I have a higher interest money market account through my stock broker.  Basically, I use this account as my 'long term emergency only' savings account.  Periodically I will also use it if I want to purchase a stock or other investment.  I contrbute $125 monthly to this account.  It is automatically deducted so I can't "forget" to do it and go shopping instead.  :)

IRA Contribution = $200
I contribute $200 monthly to my IRA account, which is automatically deducted. 


  1. It's great you save every month. You have your finances under control. Congrats.

  2. Thanks, and welcome to my blog. It is funny you think I have my finances under control... I feel like they aren't. I keep thinking there is more I can do. Hence my addiction to financial blogs. :)