Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Price Comparision: Aldi vs. a Regular Grocery Store

Regular readers of my blog know how much I love shopping at Aldi.  Yesterday, I wrote about my recent trip there and all the great food I was able to purchase for just $20.31.  I mused that if I had more time I would love to take my receipt to a 'regular' grocery store and compare prices.  

Curiosity got the better of me!  Today I went to Giant Eagle (a popular grocery store chain around here) and priced everything I bought yesterday at Aldi.  In most cases, if a store brand was available, I chose it in order to keep things relatively comparable.  

I knew Aldi was cheaper but the results of this experiment surprised even me.  Remember, I spent $20.31 at Aldi.  Buying comparable products at Giant Eagle (aka "regular grocery store") would have cost me $33.36.  That's a 39% savings, or $13.05!  WOW!

The breakdown is as follows:

Product DescriptionAldi PriceGiant Eagle Price
7 Roma Tomatoes (1 lb)$1.49$1.69
10 Navel Oranges (4 lbs)$1.49$2.32
Bananas (2.88 lbs)$1.12$1.41
2 Broccoli Crowns$1.99$2.99
Head of Lettuce$0.89$1.29
1 lb 85% Lean Beef$2.49$3.29
Box of Macaroni and Cheese$0.29$1.09
10 Flour Tortillas$0.99$2.50
Frozen Juice Blend$1.24$1.79
1 Gallon Skim Milk$1.99$1.98
16 oz. Sour Cream$0.89$2.00
2 Boxes Instant Choc. Pudding$0.98$2.30
Box of Candy Canes$0.79$0.99
8 oz. Block Sharp Cheddar$1.79$3.99
1 can Sweet Peas$0.39$0.95
32 oz. Thin Spaghetti$1.49$2.78


Do you shop at Aldi?  Why or why not?  I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Aldi-I get around 90% of my groceries there.

  2. Don't shop there, as there isn't one very close by. That said, if one were about the same distance from my typical store, I'd go to Aldi to save that kind of money. That's a pretty good percentage savings, so why throw money away shopping somewhere else. Can't bring the ambiance home, not that many markets have much anyway:)

    If it was further away, I would have to decide on whether or not to go based on the time spent and money saved considered together...kind of like ROI on my time.

  3. I don't use Aldi as much as I should; I know it's cheaper than my regular supermarket! It's mainly to do with the location of the store.

  4. Heck yeah!

    *there's only one choice of nearly everything so I save time, I just go to what I need and put it in the cart.
    *In the case of multiples (chicken nuggets vs chicken strips, sliced cheese, sandwich meat), the price per ounce/pound etc is right there- so I can see which one is the better deal.
    *The staples are SO much cheaper there. I noticed you didn't have flour, sugar, butter, spices, etc on you list. I cook from scratch a lot, and these basics blow the other stores out of the water. And they are just as good. I save big money there.
    *And you haven't mentioned Special Deals! I love me my special deals! I recently got my son an adorable coat, hat and gloves for $15. I doubt you could find one at goodwill with matching had and gloves for that. And his Christmas present came from there. And I recently got a beautiful high top table, and 4 bar stools- really high quality for $100! I didn't need the table, but I figured in the store, bar stools are like 40 each, so I would have paid $160 just for those! Sometimes their foodstuff special deals allow us to try an ethnic meal for cheap, it feels fancy because it's out of the ordinary.
    *The people are friendly. I alternate between 2 stores, and the staff there are SO helpful and nice! And they are quick- I don't ever have to wait in line for more than a couple minutes.

  5. Squirrelers, it is funny that you mention the ambiance of other grocery stores. You know, I hate grocery shopping. I find most stores too big, crowded, congested, and frustrating to me. I love Aldi's small stores and wide aisles (and lack of crowds).

  6. I LOVE Aldi! For a coupon/money saving class I teach, I went through and wrote down prices of about 100 things at Aldi. Then I did the same at our 2 popular grocery stores (all their store brand) and of those 100 or so things there were only like 2 things cheaper at the regualar stores.

    I had always known that Aldi was cheaper, but to see it on paper was incredible. They have a double money back guarentee. I can't figure out why some people are so hesitant to shop there?!?!

    Great Post!

  7. I really miss Aldi! I lived near one in Memphis and used it a lot. Their generic ranch salad dressing was sooo good. My daughter used to just eat and eat my salad. She won't even touch one now! I think it was the dressing myself :) - Kim

  8. I love Aldi as well! I shop there most every week for my milk, butter, eggs, baking supplies, produce, spices, etc. (and special buys at times).

    I am going to have to sway a tad in the other direction though. I shop at what I call "stock up prices"..... when items are on sale and there is a double coupon to go with. For example, Cherrios were on sale the other day at a higher end store and I was able to get them for .79 cents a box, I just cant beat that, there were several other items like that at this store as well. Most times I can get name brand items (not that it matters to me most times) cheaper this way then I can at Aldi every day low price.

    Like, I said..... I will not stop shopping Aldi, I love that store, but others hold better deals for me on a lot of items. If I did not use coupons at all, then I would use Aldi most all the time then.

  9. I love Aldi. Its my favorite grocery store. I always shop there first and what I can't find there I go get at a more expensive grocery store. I have only recently started to use thier paper products and personal grooming products. My husband likes thier razors better than cheep razors from other stores and they are less expensive.

  10. I shop at Aldi and my fav. grocery store. I look at the ads to compare my "pricelist" of Aldi to what is on sale else where. Things are cheaper at Aldi unless they happen to be on sale at the other store.

  11. I,m a big Aldi fan and shop there every week, and although I have never done the price comparison, but was aware that I was saving money.

    Having said that I still check my flyers to see what loss leaders the other stores are selling, and then I shop there first and then onto Aldi,s for the main shop. I love the excellent quality of their products.

  12. I lived in Germany for some years so Aldi is not new for me but it's appearance in South Florida is new and I could hardly wait for them to open their stores here so I can shop there again. I remember the prices at the stores in Germany were almost ridiculously cheap and I was curious to see how cheap their prices would be in the USA. I was amazed on my first visit to an Aldi here how cheap everything was. I bought around $80. worth of groceries that I am sure I would have paid around 2 to 3 hundred if I had bought all that stuff in Publix.

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