Monday, December 13, 2010

Can you make money selling coupons on eBay? THE RESULT

About a week an a half ago I bought five Sunday newspapers.  My plan was to sell the coupons on eBay to discover if it was possible to make any money.  The result was I did make some money, though not much.

After all expenses, I made <<drum roll please>> $2.02!

I sold six items and was paid $15.86.
After eBay and PayPal fees ($2.24) I made $13.62.
After postage ($4.10) I made $9.52.
And after my initial investment ($7.50) I made $2.02.

While $2.02 profit from a $7.50 investment is a pretty good ROI, it does not take into account the time I put into this experiment.  Will I be doing it again?  Probably not.  My time is worth more to me than $2.00.  

Will you be trying this out?  Have you done it yourself?  How do people make any money doing this?

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