Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Electric Bill

My electric bill for this past cycle was $73.66.  I had budgeted $75 so I guess I am under budget.  My electric bill one the one bill that I can never seem to make sense of how it gets calculated.  It seems to fluctuate for no known reason.  


Also, yesterday I went to the store to return a sweater that I got for Christmas that was too small.  I found a replacement and... "accidentally" bought a pair of shoes, as well.  Don't you hate it when you accidentally buy things for yourself?  :)  I spent $17.81.  They are gray pumps, which I have been needing, and were a great price, so I will just consider it a Christmas gift to myself!


  1. I hate my electric bill.
    Gray pumps sound cute.

  2. Niki, I am glad I am not alone in my hatred of the electric bill. It is frustrating to me because at my last house I had low rates. Now in my new house - which is new and much more energy efficient - my bills have doubled just because the provider has such high rates. And there is not a darn thing I could do about it. In fact, their fees alone are more than my entire bills were at the old house.

  3. At our last house the electric bill would get to atleast $200 without us barely even running anything so we decided to use the levelized billing and that made the bill stay right at $125. We moved back in October and continued with the levelized billing so it still stays at that same price but I think we our actual bill is only like $90...think it's time to get rid of levelizing!!

  4. Our bill is high too in a 10 year old house. I don't know what to do. I do the dishes by hand now, wash less, vacume once weekly for a deep vacume, turn off lights not in use and it is crazy. Yours is great. You are lucky. Don't worry you bought what you need.

  5. accidently buy something for yourself... too cute!

    electric bills are horrible... gas bills too :(