Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spending Recap... Holiday Edition

I have been so busy the past few days and have not been doing so well at documenting my spending here in a timely manner.  Mea culpa!  Now I have a rather lengthy list of items from the past three days. 

I scored some big deals at Walgreens today, spending $5.63.  I bought a calendar (gift), two Wonka chocolate bars (gifts), and three bags of Hershey Kisses (for the New Year's gathering).  With coupons and other discounts I saved $11.05!  The breakdown is $2.13 for the gifts and $3.50 for food.  

I spent $20.11 at Sears on gifts.

I spent $21.96 at Pets Supplies Plus on dog food.

I spend $36.21 at Giant Eagle.  $30 was for gift cards.  $6.21 was for food.  I have to admit I did make an impulse buy of a rotisserie chicken... it just looked so good!  But on the plus side, it has made cooking easy this week as I eat the leftover meat from it.  

I spent $17.97 at Harbor Freight Tools.  $6.29 of that was on a tarp for me (to cover some outside furniture).  $11.68 was on gifts.

I spent $50.54 on gas and a car wash.  Now before I get told the car wash is not in the spirit of frugality, let me add dome background.  First of all, my black car was WHITE from all the built up salt, which is not good for the car.  Secondly, it is too cold here to wash the car myself.  Thirdly, this particular gas station give you a $0.30 off per gallon discount on gas when you buy a car wash, so I ended up only paying $2.04 for the car wash.  So, I felt that it was a fair price! By the way, I paid (before discount) $2.99 a gallon.  I got lucky as all the other stations had already raised their prices to $3.05 at that time. 

My sewer bill was $22.00.

My cell phone bill was $54.52.

My HOA dues for 2011 were $225.00.  That was $25 less than in year's past... yeah!  These dues pay for the upkeep of the common areas, walking paths, and pond (which I utilize when walking the dogs) so I don't mind paying it. 

EDIT: I forgot to add in that I spent $7.92 on stamps.    


  1. Looks good. I completely understand the car wash, our car gets covered in the same muck and it is too cold to wash your car yourself. I believe $2.04 sounds fair too!

  2. Thanks for the support, Niki. it is funny, since I have started this blog I have been asking myself "What would my readers do?" before spending any money! LOL it has kept me from making some impulse purchases! I actually felt guilty for getting the car wash, at least until I crunched the numbers and realized how cheap it was.

  3. I haven't tracked my cash at all this year & it is horrible!!!! I think that is going to be my 2011 goal... to track everything to see how much we really are spending on unnecessary things that can wait ;)