Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We are just at the start of what is supposed to be a pretty nasty winter storm.  So I decided to fill up the car today.  Better safe than sorry.  Also, gas was at a decent price of $2.89 (and since when is $2.89 a decent price???) so I wanted to take advantage of that before it shot up as it has a tendency to do during these kinds of winter storms.  So I ended up spending $41.35.

Then I went to the Mall with my Mom to do some Christmas shopping.  I spent $5.79 at Macy's and got a very nice top for someone on my list.  My budget for this person was $15 and the top was originally $30 but between markdowns, coupons, and discounts the price came to $5.79.  Not bad!  I am getting very lucky with Christmas gifts this year.

I also spent $11.64 at Sears on a toolbox and a small screwdriver key chain.  I somehow was given a $2 discount here on top of the sale prices.  I have no clue as to WHY but I sure wasn't going to question it, either!  These items are going towards the $75-$100 budget I have for this person, a big chunk of which I already spent last week at Best Buy

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?  I just have a couple gift cards yet to buy and I might pick up a few trinkets for a friend who might be in town but basically, I am now done!


  1. Wow, you got some great prices for those presents! We have stuck to our budget this year (the first time ever), and found everything we were looking for (I think). I had to search for one daughter's gift at several places (thank goodness for the Internet), but found it at a price that was under our budgeted amount, so I'm happy.

    I have 2 more items to buy and then I am DONE!

  2. I've never really budgeted for Christmas before. This year I have and it feels great to be under budget. Good luck finding those last two items, Laura!