Monday, March 28, 2011

More Spending

I am learning something from this little experiment of mine - I am a lousy record keeper!  Somehow, I always fall behind in reporting my expenses here.  It isn't that I don't care, it is just that I never seem to have all my receipts in one place!  I am finishing month five of this year-long experiment.  Going forward, instead of posting expenses as they occur (which isn't working right now, and I can see it getting even harder to do as the weather gets nicer and I am spending more time outside) I may try to post once a week.  The great thing about a blog like this is that I can make up my own rules. 

I find keeping up with the daily schedule at The Single Saver much easier because it does not involve tracking down my receipts!  LOL! 

Anyway, here are a couple weeks worth of expenses.  I also have the results of a shopping trip, which I will try to post later today.

Car Payment - $350.00
Electric - $79.00
Water Bill - $25.98
Sewer Bill - $22.00
Donation - $6.00 and $10.00
Stamps - $7.92
Walmart - $8.74 ($6.77 for pet expenses and $1.97 for misc.)
Car Maintenance - $95.35
Gas - $62.13 and $55.98
Car Insurance - $165.00
Conference Registration (I will categorize this under 'business expense') - $89.00
Cell Phone Bill - $54.78
Domain Registration ('business expense') - $10.00
Car Registration - $49.87
Cable/Internet - $105.62 (grrr... this keeps going up)


  1. have you thought about cutting out cable? You can get Netflix for around $10 a month and it's soooo much better because there's no commercials :)

  2. You do well. I cannot afford cable but, I do miss it. I just do other things and rent videos. Good luck.