Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up

I'm back!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  I had a friend staying with me for the week, and prepared two holiday meals (on on Thursday for family, and one on Sunday for friends).  I also managed to get a really nasty cold in the process.  So, with all of that going on I basically did not even turn on my computer, much less blog!  Now I am catching up.  My expenses over the last week were as follows:

On Tuesday I went back to the doctor to get the stitches out from my first biopsy, and have the 2nd biopsy taken (oh, and I get to now have a 3rd biopsy taken next week... joy).  That resulted in another $25 co-pay. 

After the news I got at the doctor, and having just had a hunk cut out of my hip, I decided I just wasn't up to cooking dinner that night so I stopped at a local Gyro restaurant and grabbed a Gyro to go for $5.69.  I made three meals out of that Gyro! 

The cold I got resulted in a trip to K-Mart on Thanksgiving night to buy more cold medicine - a much worth-it $5.29 spent.  

My friend/house guest and I went bowling over the weekend.  He bought the first three games and I bought the 2nd three games, so I paid $14.25.  I love bowling, though I only go a couple times a year.  

I spent $39.37 at Petsmart buying dog food, a dog toy, and a cat collar. 

My cell phone bill from Verizon was $54.52.

My electric bill this month was $60.35.

Last night I stopped to get gas.  Gas was $2.79 a gallon, but I had credit for $0.20 off a gallon so I only paid $2.59 a gallon.  My total bill was $41.60

Today is the end of the month.  Sometime later today or tomorrow I hope to post my monthly spending recap. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your cold! You are doing a great job of keeping to your budget. I am very impressed!

  2. Thanks, Tightwad Mom. I have found that documenting my spending has caused me to look at how I spend differently. I find myself needing to justify things in my mind since 'Big Brother is watching me!' LOL! This cold really wiped me out... but hopefully this also means I have hit my quote for the winter season!