Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Gas (this time for the car) and a Doctor's Visit

I spent $52.76 on gas today.  Gas is $2.88 a gallon here. 

I also went to the doctor today, resulting in a $25.00 co-pay.  I actually had a full body skin scan done and two suspicious spots were detected.  The first was removed tonight (I now have a inch long incision on my stomach - fun) and I will be going back in two weeks to have the stitches removed, and then they will remove the other questionable spot (this one on my hip) at that same time.  Then I will return two weeks later to have those stitches removed.  So, I am looking at at least two more visits and two more co-pays.  :( 


  1. I'm surprised you have to pay every time you go, especially if the Dr. requires or orders you to return, like to have your stitches out. Aren't those things counted as part of the original procedure, and not a "new" visit?

    P.S. Have been reading through your blog - very interesting! And enlightening, too - we pay more for some things, but have found a few ways we can cut back even more.

  2. Hi Laura,

    The way my insurance is set up you have to pay $25 every time you step foot in a doctor's office. Sometimes that is the only expense involved... and sometimes there are other expenses (up to the deductible). I have not quite figured out what things get additional billing and what doesn't get additional billing yet. Also, once you hit your deductible there is another deductible where things seem to get billed at a much, much lower rate and I have yet to fully understand how that works (why is insurance coverage so complicated).

    I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I am sorry I don't have very many "interesting" expenses to report! It seems everything is regular bills. :) Any advice you have on how I can cut back is appreciated!

  3. Insurance is so frustrating! Fortunately, it is still cheaper to pay for preventative care, than to wait until it snowballs into a really big problem!