Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is why I love Salvation Army....

I got all this today for $23.27
2 pairs of shoes (one pair was a NEW $69 pair with tags still on)
like-new suede winter coat with fur lining
    Actually, $23.27 is a pretty high bill for me from Salvation Army, considering I only got 5 items.  But considering the type of things I found and considering their great condition, I can't complain.  

    Isn't funny that I have been conditioned to think that $23.27 is expensive?  HA!  

    In other spending news... I paid my car payment today ($345).  Also, I took my friend's daughter to the store so she could buy a toy to take to school to give to some needy kids.  I got off really easy as the item she wanted to buy ended up being on sale for $1, so I only spent $1.06.


    1. Excellent job!!! I love thrift stores. It's an adventure every time you go! I have to laugh, 2/3 of my wardrobe has been bought at thrift stores(the other 1/3 is off the clearance racks). I think I would have a stroke if I ever have to buy any clothing item at full retail price!:D

    2. That is a totally sweet score on all fronts! Seriously, all very stylish stuff. Good for you! I bet you will get lots of wear out of all of it.