Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gas (Heat) Bill - The Calm Before the Storm

My gas bill from last month was deducted from my bank account today.  It was $21.74.  This is the start of many months of higher heating bills for me as we move into winter.  This particular bill only reflects about a week's worth of heater use in relatively mild temperatures.  I keep saying a prayer for a relatively mild winter, overall! 


  1. Definately the calm before the storm! Ours was still in the $12 and change range. We had a very warm October - no snow even and that is unheard of. Not looking forward to the bill for November! - Kim

  2. Kim, I am jealous. My bill, even in the summer when I use ZERO gas, is still around $15.00 due to all the taxes and add-ons we get charged.