Friday, November 12, 2010

Six Items or Less

Have you heard about the six items or less craze?  Basically, it is where you take six items of clothing (not including shoes, workout clothes, pajamas, or accessories) and wear them exclusively for a month (see here for the official "rules").  The Today Show even did a month-long experiment to see if it was possible (it is).

Now, I have no desire to live with six items of clothing for a month.  But that doesn't mean that simplifying my wardrobe wouldn't be nice.  Especially during the holidays when things get so hectic.  I also think being on a 'clothes budget' could prevent me from wasting money during the holidays on new clothes (impulse buys) for holiday events.  If I am not going to be able to wear something I buy right away, I might just reconsider buying it.  Right?

Like I said, I have no desire to live with just six items of clothing.  But I am thinking I could narrow it down to maybe 15 or 20 items to be worn between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That is still a large assortment but small enough to keep me from getting stressed out over my clothes choices.  Also, from a frugal standpoint, I feel six items of clothing is too much of a detriment to my water and electrical budget as I would be forced to do lots of smaller loads of laundry in order to always have something clean to wear.  I want enough items of clothing at my disposal so that I can run full loads.  

So what do you think?  Has anyone done this?  Is it realistic?  Does anyone else want to do something similar with me?  Let me know!  I'll keep you posted as to what I decide.   

(Sorry for the abundance of blog posts today - I am getting caught up after a busy week!)

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  1. There is a similar project of 33 items for 3 months. That might be worth looking up. It's definitely doable, especially if you work within the "capsule concept" of putting together a wardrobe, so that every top matches every bottom and multiple varieties of outfits can be made up from that core group of clothes.

    Have you heard of The Uniform Project? A woman wore the same dress for a year and took photos of her outfit every day - and it was different every day of the year!