Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Internet/Cable and Sewer

I mailed in my sewer bill today.  It is $22.00.  I got a 10% discount for paying it by a specific date - woo hoo!  This is one monthly bill that sort of annoys me.  You pay the same regardless of how much "sewer" you use.  And you have nothing to show for the money you pay them (well, that might be a blessing in disguise!).  

My internet/cable bill was also deducted out of my bank account today.  It was $95.36.  I am currently getting a $5 a month discount simply because I called and asked for it!  There are a few months before that discount expires and when it does I will just have to call and ask for another discount!  :)  I have actually looked into downgrading my cable but, as the prices have risen since I signed up, I would actually be paying MORE for less.  No thanks!  

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