Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Thanksgiving Shopping

I stopped at Giant Eagle last night to get some odds and ends.  I spent $49.61.  But, of that, $30 was gift cards for Christmas presents (so they will get categorized as gifts) and $4.03 was on cat food (this will get categorized under "pets") so that means that the actual grocery expense for this trip was $15.58.  

Besides the items already listed above, here is what I got:
• 4 pack of butter
• refrigerated biscuits
• refrigerated crescent rolls
• Cascade dishwashing tabs
• 1 white onion (I am allergic to onions so I rarely buy them, though I do always buy one to stick in the turkey while it is cooking for flavor)
• Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour (one of my guests has Celiac's Disease, which means he can't eat anything with gluten in it - like flour - and so I will be using this to make some items he can eat)

I now just need to buy one more thing for Thanksgiving and I will be set!  How about all of you?

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  1. I just hit Costco for the rest of my holiday and weekend grocery shopping. I spent $70.61, but I have enough food to get us comfortably through until next week. I wanted to stock up, because we have another big snow storm headed are way.:P