Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phone Bill

Here's a expense from a few days ago I forgot to log here... my home phone bill was $33.10.  I have really been thinking hard lately about canceling my home phone service and just using my cell phone.   I like the convenience of it - not having to carry the cell phone with me all around the house and having an effective way of filtering telemarketers.  I also LOVE my home phone number.  :)  However, I also know it is probably a silly expense in the scheme of things.  What do you think?  have any of you dumped your home phone and what do you consider the pros and cons?


  1. When I lived alone, I didn't have a land line. Part of the reason was that my apartment was small enough for me to hear my cell phone all over the house and the other was I thought of it as an unnecessary expense since the only people who would call me on it were my parents and telemarketers.

    My parents have yet to dump the land line, even though we are all aware that it is an added expense we don't need right now. They keep it because of our extended family. My dad, who is notoriously bad at answering his cell anyway, lives 1,000 miles from his mother, brothers, and sister and having a land line that someone will answer (especially at night) is a good thing. My mother's parents are older, and while they have a cell phone, they don't really get it, if you know what I mean. Even though they know my mom isn't at home or is at work, they call the house first.

    In our case, having the land line is a good thing, but if you can't think of several good reasons to keep it, then I would get rid of it.

  2. We dumped our home phone. We use cell phones all the time(cheapest plan),and I use skype and oovoo to all family in other states and countries.

  3. we dumped our home phone, but first we turned the ringer off and sorta tested it out on how it would be without the home phone, did that for a bout 6 months with no prob so we ditched it.

  4. We still have our landline just for the internet,(I'm from England)and us older members of the family each have a pay as you go mobile phone.We've saved pounds 'cos once you've used up your credit its up to you to top up.Cheap tariff and basic phones.