Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching up (I am always behind).

As usual, I am slightly behind on my expense reporting. February is a busy month for me at work (not that I would ever blog at work... hehehe) and as a result I am exhausted when I come home and not as enthusiastic about blogging, especially blogging about boring numbers. I think I also have a touch of the winter blues as February has been a pretty nasty month, weather wise, here. But never fear, these are minor setbacks for me and I am going to get everything updated here right now!

I bought gas twice - once I spent $17.00 and the other time I spent $47.16. Both times gas was $2.25 a gallon (it has since gone up to $2.39 - yikes).

I spent $10.72 on gifts.

I spent $9.50 for a ticket to a charity event (which included food!). And while there I won a cake in the cake walk, so I will be eating good, dessert-wise at least, for the next week!

My cell phone bill was $54.79. Oh, and GOOD NEWS... I just found out my bill will be going down slightly! I get a discount through my employer and they negotiated a bigger discount with Verizon. it's not much, but I will take it!

My internet/cable was $95.36. I could have sworn this was supposed to go up but I am certainly not going to complain if it doesn't!

My electric bill was $79.00.

My heat bill was $51.00.

I paid $22.00 for the sewer.

I think that is everything, for now. I am going to be doing my month-end recap so be on the lookout for that in the next day or two (or three). Also, if I missed any expenses I will post an update. Until then, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Looks to me like you had a very successful month. looking forward to your recap.

  2. Wow wonderful. My bills suck so much I am not even going to post them I will just cry. I wish mine were that low. I wonder if you live in a small town. Your rates are so good. Take care.

  3. Hi Anonymous (and hi Maureen!),

    No, I don't live in a small town but I do live in Ohio and the cost of living is pretty decent here. I also work really hard to keep my heat and electric bills low.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Denise @ Budget Confidential and The Single Saver