Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I ate this week.

While I am taking part in my $50 a month spent on food grocery challenge, I will be documenting what I eat each week.  Some people have expressed concerns that I can't possible eat enough on just $50 a month.  I hope this type of documentation puts their fears to rest. 

January 30
Breakfast - eggs, tomatoes, toast, orange juice
Lunch - clam chowder
Dinner - BBQ ribs, green beans, potato, milk, ice cream

January 31
Breakfast - toast and PB
Lunch - BBQ ribs, green beans, potato, milk
Dinner - mac and cheese, salad, milk

February 1
Breakfast - toast and PB
Lunch  - leftover mac and cheese, salad, kiwi fruit
Dinner - pork fried rice, broccoli, apple sauce, milk, ice cream

February 2
Breakfast - toast with PB
Lunch - leftover pork fried rice, broccoli, apple sauce, milk
Dinner - ravioli, salad, milk, ice cream
February 3
Breakfast - toast and PB, Pepsi
Lunch - Hormel meal (chicken, pasta, veggies), apple, Pepsi (bad migraine this day, hence the two Pepsi's)
Dinner - egg, toast, tomato, apple juice

February 4
Breakfast - toast and PB
Lunch - leftover gyro meat (this was in the freezer) with tomato and tortilla, kiwi fruit
Dinner - spaghetti and meat balls, salad, bread, milk, ice cream

February 5
Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch - hot dog, Cadbury Egg
Dinner - salmon, baked tomatoes, potato with butter and sour cream, milk, ice cream


  1. All looks good to me and is that a Cadbury's Creme Egg I spot lol!

  2. Looks really healthy, and yes Laura I spotted the chocolate egg too.......

  3. I get a headache and low blood sugar when I do not eat. I have to eat to get stuff done. Good luck if you can do it. My Dad rarely ate and died from diabetis very young.

  4. He would only drink coffee and eat one sandwich most of the time. He was too frugal. You seem to do ok.

  5. Yes, you did spot a Cadbury Egg! Those are my favorite little treats. Sadly, I just ate my last one so I guess I will need to get more.

    Anonymous, I get cranky if I don't eat. LOL!