Monday, February 7, 2011

My medical bills are paid off!

I have lots of spending news to report here... but the most exciting of all is that I just paid off the last of the medical bills I generated last year!  Woo hoo!  I go back in April but I am guessing that even if more biopsies need to be taken that the overall expense won't be as big.  And for now, I will enjoy being free of this debt.

Here's where my money has gone recently:

Medical Expenses = $186.26
This was for my last two medical bills from last year.  This is now paid in full!

Mortgage Payment = $880.79
When I built my house I put 30% down and got a really low interest rate, so I feel pretty comfortable with my monthly payments.  My payment includes my property taxes, but not insurance as I pay that separately through my insurance company.  I do try to pay a little extra towards my payments when I can.

Money Market Contribution = $125
I have a higher interest money market account through my stock broker.  Basically, I use this account as my 'long term emergency only' savings account.  Periodically I will also use it if I want to purchase a stock or other investment.  I contribute $125 monthly to this account.  It is automatically deducted so I can't "forget" to do it and go shopping instead.  :)

IRA Contribution = $200
I contribute $200 monthly to my IRA account, which is automatically deducted.  
Gas (Heat) Bill = $51.00
I am now on budgeted billing so this is the same every month.

Phone Bill = $30.50
I can't win with AT&T... just when I cut some features to get the cost down, AT&T raises their rates.  They are really challenging me to cancel my land line!

Water Bill = $25.98
This stays pretty consistent.  I can't really complain.  
Stay tuned for a really big announcement on....... WEDNESDAY!!!


  1. How fantastic to have paid off your medical bills. I have medical bills from a dangerous infection in September. Will be glad when they are paid off.Still will not be debt free but closer.

  2. Wow my bills suck.