Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making a small dent in my grocery budget....

I have been a bad blogger lately. I have been busy with 'The Single Saver' (have you checked it out yet?). Right now I am staring at a receipt I have had since Sunday and I am just now reporting it here. It is from a recent Aldi shopping trip. I spent $19.74 and bought:

• 3 kiwis
• 1 bag of baby carrots
• 1 head of lettuce
• 2 pounds of bananas
• 2 pounds of grapes

• 1 pound roma tomatoes

• 1 can green beans

• 1 pound ground beef

• 1 bag cheese ravioli

• 3 pounds long grain rice

• 1 pound butter

• 1 bottle hot sauce

• 2 boxes mac and cheese

Also, I spent a whopping $7.00 out of my food budget on Tuesday when a group of us went out to eat at 'Bravo' for a friend’s birthday. I ordered a bowl of lobster bisque, instead of a full meal, and not only did that save me money but it was delicious, too.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that at Aldi I found an unreturned shopping cart in the parking lot which meant I gained $0.25 which I will add to my food budget! Woo hoo!

So if you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats: On this shopping trip (and restaurant meal) I spent $26.74 and gained $0.25. That means I now have $36.69 cash and $6 UPS Rewards for a grand total of $42.69 left to spend in February (this amount includes my carry-over from January)!


  1. Ok I am jealous. Our food costs are much higher at the cheapest place you could not buy half of that. Lucky you.

  2. We are so fortunate to have Aldi's here! Anonymous, where are you located?

  3. My Aldi charges way more than that for Groceries, I might go into there website now and work it out. That should make for an interesting Saturday !!!

  4. California yuck. ha ha

  5. LOVE ALDI!!!! I save so much by going there! :)

  6. Anonymous... sorry about your luck as California is a very expensive state to live and if you have no Aldi that just makes it worse. BUT...... most of your state has some of the nicest weather of anywhere so in some regards that probably makes it all worthwhile!

    jpkittie, I feel like we need to start an Aldi fan club! LOL!

  7. Gotta love ALDI! Most of the time, anyway... I have found some local places which have a few items cheaper than ALDI does. Still, it's my go-to place for milk, eggs, and bread, so it's worth a trip each week.

    Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies! See you next Wednesday!