Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An unexpected food expense....

I had some Rite Aid UPS Rewards I needed to use, so last Saturday I went to Rite Aid.  I spent $3.37 out of pocket plus $6.00 Rite Aid UPS Rewards.  I bought:
• 1 gallon skim milk
• 1 dozen eggs
• 1 package of beef hot dogs

Sadly, I ended up with a very unexpected food-related expense last night.  I have a second job teaching at a local University one night a week.  Last night I had planned to run home before teaching to grab dinner.  However, Mother Nature had other plans for me.  We had about 8 inches of snow dumped on us in a short period of time.  The roads became treacherous and I was lucky to get from my main job to the University in time... driving home in between would have been out of the question.  As teaching on an empty stomach would have been near impossible, I had to spend some money and buy food on campus.  I bought a half turkey panini with tomatoes, lettuce, and a pickle and a serving of fripps (which are basically just chips) - it was $3.49.

So if you are following along on my $50 a month grocery challenge, here are the stats: On this shopping trip (and restaurant meal) I spent $6.86 cash and $6.00 in Rite Aid UPS Rewards. That means I now have $29.83 cash left to spend in February (this amount includes my carry-over from January and what I don't use will be carried over into March)!

I will be linking to Frugal Follies and The Grocery Cart Challenge on their next link-ups!


  1. Not bad. I bet the job is interesting too.

  2. Last week of the month and you are doing great, I reckon by the end of the year you will have more than you started with, ohh to live on free food for a year I,d be rich.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and became your newest follower! Thanks for the great frugal tips!