Sunday, February 13, 2011

What did I eat last week?

While I am taking part in my $50 a month spent on food grocery challenge, I will be documenting what I eat each week.  Some people have expressed concerns that I can't possible eat enough on just $50 a month.  I hope this type of documentation puts their fears to rest. 

January 30
Breakfast/Lunch - eggs, tomatoes, toast, apple juice
Dinner - spaghetti and meat balls, salad, apple sauce, milk

January 7
Breakfast - toast and PB
Lunch - leftover spaghetti and meat balls, salad
Dinner - turkey noodle soup (from the freezer), apple juice

February 8
Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch  - free bagels from Bruegger'st
Dinner - bagel pizza, salad, milk

February 9
Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch - turkey noodle soup
Dinner - (dinner at my parents) roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli
February 10
Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch - leftover roast beef, broccoli, mashed potatoes
Dinner - three free tacos from Taco bell, apple juice

February 11
Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch -cup noodles with veggies
Dinner - meatloaf, salad, apple sauce, milk, ice cream

February 12
Breakfast - eggs and toast, apple juice
Lunch - free taco from Taco Bell
Dinner - shrimp friend rice with carrots and broccoli, salad, milk, ice cream


  1. Wow you did good. I did ok but, need to change. I do love Taco Bells new meals. They are good. Have a great week.

  2. I continue to be impressed. I love these posts, well done.