Saturday, February 12, 2011

You just need a blanket....

I have an old couch in my bedroom that one of my dogs sleeps on every night.  Lately she has been insisting that I cover her with a blanket.  Could this be a sign that I keep my house too cold at night in order to save money on my heating bill?  :)


  1. Too funny. My cat sits in front of the register waiting for the furnace to come on. My bill is down $20.00 from last year, so I will continue to keep it set at 65. I can't wait for summer!

  2. No you just have a sweet spoiled dog. Mine has it's own queen size bed and full bed set. I love dogs too. Is that silly? No we love animals.

  3. My cat thinks he owns every bed and every chair in this house, and he,ll stare you out until you get up and move.
    Still he,s 15 now and needs his comforts, at least that,s what I tell hubby.